International Festival of Children’s Theatres

Due to a diversity of artistic activities of professional level, it is considered as one of the most important festivals for children in the Balkans.

Number: 448/21

Date: 16th October, 2021



Jury of the Twentieth International Festival of Children’s Theatres BANJA LUKA 2021, composed of: IsidoraGoncic, director, Belgrade, Serbia, president, DubravkoTorjanac, director, Varazdin, Croatia, member and Slobodan Perisic, actor of the Children’s Theatre of Republic of Srpska, member, in the period from October 11th until October 16th, 2021, was judging the competition for the awards of nine performances from eight countries.


Participants: Youth Theatre, Novi Sad and Children’s Theatre, Subotica, Serbia, City Theatre “Zorindom”, Karlovac, Croatia, Theatre “LALKA”, Warsaw, Poland, Theatre “Des Lachens”, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, Mini Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia, State Puppet Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia, Theatre for Children and Youth, Skopje, North Macedonia and Theatre “BrodyachayaSobachka”, St. Petersburg, Russia.


At the final session held on October 16, 2021, the jury unanimously made the following decisions:


– GRAND PRIX, THE AWARD FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE AS A WHOLE, is awarded to the State Puppet Theatre Bratislava, Slovakia for the play “Mowgli” due to the complete harmonization of all theatrical elements into an extraordinary theatrical experience.


– The award for the best director is given to Alfiya Abdulina for the play “Butterfly”, Puppet Theatre “BrodyachayaSobachka” from St. Petersburg, Russia, the director showed through a specific director’s manuscript that directing is not just an illustration of a certain author but an independent and complex work.


The award for best set design is given to Christoph von Buren for the play “Wind”  by theatre “Des Lachens” from Frankfurt (Oder).

By choosing the stage elements, he put them in the function of the anator and contributed greatly to the dynamics of the play.


The award for the best original music is given to Grzegorz Turnau for the play “The Knight of the Christmas Star” by Lalka Theatre, Warsaw, Poland.

With his authorial work, the composer evoked the spirit of the time in a masterful way and contributed to the atmosphere of the play itself.


Awards for acting achievements are given to:


Hoze for the play “The Carrot Dwarf” of the Mini Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The actor presented his demanding small role, animating several characters, with his private and acting personality.


Andro Damis for the role of Dino in the play “Step-by-Step toward the Clean Planet” Puppet Theatre “Zorin dom”, Karlovac, Croatia. With his charisma and engagement, the young actor showed great potential, which greatly contributed to the quality of the play.


THE COLLECTIVE PLAYAWARD is given to the ensemble of the play “Mowgli” by the State Puppet Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia. The Collective Play Award is given for perfect external and internal acting coordination. The jury decided for this award because they believe that all the actors in this play equally deserved awards for acting.



Isidora Goncic, president


Dubravko Torjanac, member


Slobodan Perisic, member